My Lake Bag Essentials

Besides the usual hat, sunglasses, towel, extra clothes, water, snacks and chair, I compiled a list of things I keep in my  lake bag. 
Of course the first thing I do is put on the sunscreen. I am obsessed with the SPF! I actually carry around sunscreen and then I put some Supergoop sunscreen on that is specifically for your face. I also use chapstick with SPF in it. 
Every bag I own plus each of my cars always have a hair ties in them. I hate it when my hair is all over my face, especially when I’m hot and sweaty. 
Speaking of hot and sweaty, that’s why I always carry a sample of Native deodorant. 
I’m always afraid of losing my beautiful wedding set, so I always wear a cheap silicone ring I bought from Amazon. 
I keep all of these items in an old Ipsy bag. I love finding ways to reuse them, and this bag is perfect for a beach bag! 
The last item I always throw in my bag is a pack of Water Wipes. They are perfect for cleaning your hands after a sticky application of sunscreen or before eating snacks. 

What do you keep in your bag?

Tip Tuesday: Inexpensive hair repair

Does your hair need a little (or lot) TLC? 
This is an inexpensive hair treatment! 

I am obsessed with Crime Junkies podcast. It’s my favorite true crime podcast I listen to. I have heard numerous commercials for Pantene intense reduce shots. I am always skeptical of ads podcasters advertise. I’m always wondering if these people actually use the product or just advertising. Both ladies from the podcast actually use it! They have two totally different hair types and it works wonderfully for both. I tried it, and I’m in love! I love the way it makes my hair feel after I use it! 

As you can see, the directions are super easy! 

Have you used it?
What did you think?

What I’m Wearing Wednesday

Decided to try out the the Wet N Wild products I talked about in my last blog post. (Click here to read it). Not too bad!!! I’m very impressed with the quality compared to the price!

Have you tried Wet N Wild products?
Which are your favorite??

Mini Wet N Wild Haul

A couple weeks ago, while strolling down the Walmart aisles, I decided to pick up and try these Wet N Wild items. I purchased the photofocus Foundation, Bronzer in Palm Beach Ready, Highlighter in Blossom Glow, Mini palettes in Walking on Eggshells & Silent Treatment, photofocus Rose 3-in-1 Primer- Fixer- Setting Spray, and mega last eyeliner.

I'm going to do a look sometime next week and use all of these items. I have purchased and used both of the mini palettes before and I know I love them! 

Have you used any of these products before? 
What did you think?
Drop me comments below. I love hearing from you!

Urban Decay Naked Cherry

Today I decided to throw on some eyeshadow from the Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette and some cute Eyelure lashes! Filled in my lips with some lip stain and chapstick on top. 

Have you tried the UD Naked Cherry palette yet? 
What did you think?