April Favorites

1. This Sephora brush cleaner for your make up brushes is amazing!!!! There is a round rubber thing in the lid of this that you rub your brush across when you get it soapy.  It makes it lather and cleans your brushes super fast.  I LOVE it!!!

2. Mary Kay Timewise cleanser and night gel. I especially love the night time gel. Makes my face feel so good!!! (If you are interested, CLICK HERE for my gorgeous Mary Kay consultant's page!)

3. Mario Badescu's dry lotion is awesome!!!! It is part liquid, part sediment at the bottom.  NEVER shake it up! It is suppose to be separated like that.  Just dip your Q-tip into the bottom of the pink lotion and dab it on your blemishes.  Dries them out super fast!

4. My sweet boyfriend bought this for me for my birthday.  It's one of my favorite masks. Only use it once a week because it can be very drying. It's also good as a spot treatment!

Have you tried any of these products?
 What did you think?

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