Our Christmas Miracle

She wanted to hold pinkies as she slept.

The past week and a half has been one huge emotional roller coaster for me and my family. My sister has a terminal illness. She has had it since birth and it has progressively gotten worse over the years. Last Tuesday evening, we got a call. It was a hospital saying they had a set of lungs for her. By Wednesday, she was in surgery for the transplant. 
My sister and I are incredibly close. Actually, me and my whole family are close! This is by far, the most scariest thing I have ever been though in my whole entire life. Especially, when the surgeon pulled us into a private room and told us there was a complication; They nicked her artery and was having a hard time stopping the blood loss. They were finally able to stop it, and she came though the surgery amazingly! She is on the road to recovery, but she is in immense pain.  
After her surgery was over, they couldn't close her chest up right away. (In case she started bleeding again) Her chest was open for 3 days.  While in recovery, and on a ventilator, my sister knew everything that was going on around her. When I was finally able to see her, she had the nurse take my hand an place it on her heart.  That's right, her heart!!! I could see it and feel it beating in my palm. While her chest was open, they had this stuff that looked like saran wrap, wrapped around her chest cavity.  It the most amazing thing to see and feel that beautiful heart. 
While this has been the scariest week of my life, it was also the most humbling. I am a christian, I go to church, I pray to God, but to put 110% of all your faith in him and still not worry is hard! To say I feel blessed is an understatement! This whole experience has put everything in my life into perspective. It completely changes the way you look at life. Things that seemed so important before, just aren't as important anymore.  I am overwhelmed by all the love and support from my little hometown. 
This is my family's Christmas miracle!


  1. Prayers for your Sister and fam! xxxxx

  2. Wow! So amazing for you and your family. Many prayers for you all!

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  3. Praise the Lord for your Christmas miracle!! Prayers for a swift and uneventful recovery for your sister! May you both live to celebrate 80 years as sisters together!!!