WunderBrow Tutorial and Review

WunderBrow is a gel my friend, Tomala, introduced me to. Once applied, it claims to last on your brows for days! It has hair- like fibers that affix to thin or sparse eyebrows to give you more shape and fullness. It was easy to apply.  It came with simple instructions and didn't take much time.  They even had one for Blonde hair! (Which is what I used) It comes in a box. Inside the box, you find the gel, (which looks like a tube of lip gloss) a spooley, and the instructions.  I did a quick tutorial on my first time applying it. 
You can check it out here:

For me, it only lasted three days.  However, I have to admit, I did forget about it and really scrubbed my face the first night, and the second night I was a little easier.  Day two, after getting out of the shower, I had to use the spooley to reshape them since the shower spayed down on them.  The color was still there, they just needed a little brushing to keep them in place. By day three, after I got out of the shower, it was patchy in some areas.  I just applied more to the sparse places. I do have to admit it made a difference and it really held my brows in place.  I usually fill them in with eyebrow gel and use a clear mascara to lock them in place, but this had the same effect only lasted a lot longer.  Definitely worth the purchase!!!

Have you tried it? 
What did you think?