August Ipsy Glam Bag

I always get super excited each month to see what all I have received in my Ipsy bag.
This month I got this cute princess like bag.

 Inside, I found:

1. It Cosmetics gel eyeliner
2. The Organic Pharmacy rose facial cleansing gel
3. Pete Lamas supreme radiance complexion booster
4. Nomad eye shadow - in the shade Spice Market (OMG gorgeous color!!!)
5. Ciate London nail polish in Spinning Teacup

Do you get Ipsy?
What did you get?

Nanye'hi "Nancy" was born around 1738 in Chota, Tennessee. She was known as the Beloved Women of the Cherokee Leader. She was an ambassador and peace negotiator to the European- Americans.  When she was 18 years old, she gained the title "Ghigau," which was a very respected title. She was rewarded this title for her bravery while fighting on the battlefield after her husband was killed. She later married Bryant Ward, however, he was married to another woman and ended up leaving her for his first wife.
 During the Revolutionary War, Nanye'hi was informed of an upcoming attack on the colonists by her cousin, and let them know. She believed in a peaceful coexistence. She was the last woman known to receive the title of Ghigau.

Motivation Monday

Top 5 of the Week

#1 I ordered Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask and Carbonated Bubble Clay mask from Meme to come!

#2 My new favorite treat!

#3 Cato's had some awesome clothes on clearance!

#4 Went on a little road trip this weekend.

5. Starting to like Arbonne's chocolate protein shake. I love to drink these in the morning since I'm not a big breakfast person. So handy to just add water, shake it up and go!

Tweexy Review

Have you every heard of Tweexy? 
I saw it online and had to have it!!! I do my own nails weekly and I get annoyed when I spill my polish. I got this awesome little contraption. I just put it on like a ring, and set my polish on top. Once I am finished polishing that hand, I simply pull straight up so I don't smudge my freshly polished nails. 
Y'all, you need this!!!

Work Day Look vs Weekend Look

During the work week, I am extremely low maintenance.

...but come weekend, I am ready to glam it up!

During the week, I use Neutrogena shine control primer. The weekends I take my time and use Benefit's Pore Professional and Smashbox photo finish primer.

To be honest, I have to say ELF's eye shadow primer is by far the closest dupe for Benefit's Lemon Aid. 

During the week, my face gets super oily at work. Cover Girl's Ready Set Gorgeous is a great inexpensive oil free foundation.  My favorite high end oil free foundation is Estee Lauder Double Wear.

During the week I only use Wet n Wild concealer on my breakout areas, but on the weekend, I use Amazing Concealer on my break out areas and Benefit's Fake up under the eyes.  Its moisturizing so my user eyes don't look caked or dried out.

For everyday wear, I prefer to use Cover Girl's Ready Set Gorgeous powder, and weekends I use Bare Minerals Mineral Veil loose powder.

Wet n Wild's 308B Walking on Egg shells is like a dupe for some Urban Decay shades! I love to wear it during the week. When I want to glam it up on the weekends, I like to use my Urban Decay palettes. 

I will wear just about any eyeliner during the week, but on the weekends, I like to use Rimmel's Exaggerate waterproof eyeliner and Tarte brow pencil. I usually don't fill in my brows during the week.... ain't nobody got time for that! Lol!

I use Flower blush and bronzer duo daily and the Sephora bronzer and blush set when I want to take my time and make my contour on point!

I use Benefit's Roller Lash every single day!!!! Why? BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE A LASH CURLER!!!!!!!! How awesome is that!?!? Not only does it save time, but it looks amazing too! 

I am a bit of a lip product addict, but during the work week, I use chapstick constantly!!! During the weekend I have a whole drawer FULL of lip stains, tints, sticks and glosses! However, when I really want to glam it up, I use my beautiful signature red Chanel Lipstick.