My low-sodium chicken noodle soup

Last week I was sick with a head cold.  I was so miserable, I decided to make chicken noodle soup.  When I posted a picture of it on my personal Instagram, I had one person text me and two people come up to me and ask about how I made it. So I decided to go ahead and post the recipe here. It's so easy to make. I don't know how to make anything small, so when I makes soups, I usually make a huge pot and freeze what I don't use for later.  I don't follow a recipe, so I apologize that I don't have exact measurements! Because this is low sodium, you may need to add bouillon cubes to yours!

-Chicken Broth
-Minced Garlic
-Spices you like
-Egg Noodles

What I do:
The first thing I do is take my chicken and boil it until it shreds easily and I cut it up. While it is boiling, I take out my mandoline slicer and slice the carrots and celery stalks into thin slices. I then dice up my onions. Once the chicken is done, I throw the veggies, minced garlic and spices in. (I used Tastefully Simple's Salt-Free blend, Garlic Mrs. Dash, Onion Mrs. Dash, little oregano, and pepper.) I then add my reduced sodium chicken broth.  I let it all simmer until the veggies are soft.  (Taste it, if its not salty enough for you, you may need to add a bouillon cube or two.) I then Add the egg noodles and put the lid on for 5-10 min until they are soft. Then I scoop out and enjoy!

Top 5 of the Week

1. Journal. Every year I keep a journal.  I always keep an eye out for the "perfect one." This year I found my journal at TJ Maxx.  I also found the perfect planner, but sadly, I already purchased one for this year.  If you ever want a pretty notebook, journal or planner, TJ Maxx & Marshall's are the way to go!!!

2. Healthy Snack. I'm always on the look out for a goof healthy snack.  I also found these at TJ Maxx.  Holy cow are these good!!!!!!! Sorry it is such a crappy picture, but I finished them off and wanted to snap a quick pic before I threw it away. I hope they have more the next time I go back!

3. Current Read. If you are stuck in a rut, feeling down, and need a pick me up, this is the book for you! I recommend any book from Joel or Victoria Osteen.  They are always inspiring and uplifting!

4. Sick Food. I had a stupid head cold this week. What's the best food to eat when your sick? Chicken noodle soup!  I always make my own.  It's super easy and wayyy better than any can soup!

5. Current Mag. Got my shape magazine in the mail this week.  I love looking at all the recipes in the back!!!

2017 Goals

I can't believe it's 2017! 
It came so darn fast!!! After taking the first week of this new year to think about what I would like to improve, here is what I came up with:

  1. Developing a more personal and meaningful relationship with God. Last year I was dealt some pretty hard blows that really tested my faith. This year I want to take the extra time to really contemplate on it. 
  2. Cut out some of the time I use on social medial and spend that time with my loves. I waste way too much time on my phone. I was on my phone the other night when my boyfriend told me that my dog had been patiently staring at me wanting me to pet her.  That broke my heart. I want spend more quality time with everyone I love.
  3. Start saving more money. I used to be quite the couponer! However, I have slowly drifted away from it. Coupons aren't the only way I save money.  There are so many things you can do to save and make a little extra money. 
I have a few other personal goals I'm working on too. 

What are yours? I'd LOVE to hear them!!!