Tweexy Review

Have you every heard of Tweexy? 
I saw it online and had to have it!!! I do my own nails weekly and I get annoyed when I spill my polish. I got this awesome little contraption. I just put it on like a ring, and set my polish on top. Once I am finished polishing that hand, I simply pull straight up so I don't smudge my freshly polished nails. 
Y'all, you need this!!!


  1. That's pretty neat, but I don't paint my fingernails, just toenails. I love watching the neat designs people can do on their fingernails.
    Maybe if I decide to paint my fingernails, this invention would be a good investment.

  2. What?! I've never heard of this! It looks awesome!!

    1. It is!!! I love it! I ordered it from amazon. :)

  3. Only if I go somewhere to get a pedicure. I wish I was artistic enough to do those neat designs.