DIY Cheap Bra Rack

My dresser drawers are small, I am constantly getting my bras bunched up and ruined.  I have a bad habit of hanging them on door knobs or the hook on the back of the bathroom door. I have so many bras that I was keeping them in a basket since I had no room for them. I kept forgetting about all the awesome bras I had! I finally had enough. I wanted a way to hang all my bras and not look completely unorganized, so that's when I came up with this idea! I'm not very handy with a saw, so the boyfriend volunteered to make it for me. It was super easy to make!
1. We went to Home Depot and got a 1x4 board and measured it to fit in my closet.

2. Measure, mark, saw!
3. Next, sand.
I wanted to stain the wood.  I originally wanted to do a dark stain, but I found this weathered gray and loved it!

4. Staining! we used a cut up tee shirt instead of brush.
Let them completely dry.
5. Next, we screwed in the hooks.
6. Hang up and enjoy being organized, yet out of the way!

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