Fall Favorites Tag 2015

I know I am doing this a little late, but I have been super busy lately! I saw this on Delabelle's Beauty Blog, and had to do it! Here it is:

Favorite Candle: Crossroads Butter Maple Syrup 

Favorite Lip Color: 

Favorite Drink: Starbucks Hot Chocolate

Favorite Blush: Sunkissed & Single

Favorite Clothing Item: This vest my mom bought me from Target.

Favorite Fall Movie: The Skeleton Key

Favorite Fall TV Show: Blood & Oil (It's okay, but it's NO Dallas!!! #bringbackdallas)

Favorite Thanksgiving Food: Cranberry Sauce and Stuffing!

Favorite Halloween Costume: That year I MADE mine and my sister's Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader costumes!!! 

Now it's your turn! 
I tag anyone that reads this.
Favorite Candle
Favorite Lip Color
Favorite Drink
Favorite Blush
Favorite Clothing Item
Favorite Fall Movie
Favorite Fall TV Show
Favorite Thanksgiving Food
Favorite Halloween Costume

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