Women's History Wednesday: Eliza Lucas Pickney

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This lady got no recognition what so ever when I went to visit her former home!
Meet Eliza Lucas Pickney!

Elizabeth "Eliza" Lucas Pickney was born June 19, 1722 in Antigua. She was the daughter of Lt. Colonel George and Ann Lucas. She grew up on a sugar cane plantation in the West Indies. She was sent to England for a proper education where she studied French and Botany. Wait, what? This Women's History Wednesday series is about women in American history, right? Right, but Eliza made a huge contribution to American history for her time! 

When Eliza was 15 years old, her family moved from Antigua to Wappoo plantation in South Carolina. About two years later, her father was called back to Antigua and he left Eliza in charge of his three plantations. That's right! A woman, in the 1700's was in charge of THREE plantations!!!! Not only did she prove to be a proficient manager, but she is responsible for bringing over Indigo to the US. She cultivated this cash crop for it's dye, which helped the demand for the textile market. 

In 1744, she married Charles Pickney, a wealthy planter. She later had three sons, went back and forth from England to South Carolina. In 1758 couple months after the couple returned back from  England, Charles Pickney died, leaving Eliza to yet again manage a large plantation on her own. 

Boone Hall Plantation

Last summer, while on vacation in South Carolina, we visited Boone Hall Plantation.  While on a tour of Boone Hall, they talked about Colonel Charles Pickney.  The ONLY thing they mentioned about Eliza was her being his wife!!!!

Charles Pickney Historical Site
We then later on went to the Charles Pickney  Historical site, and it barely mentioned her too! I'm so annoyed with this because she made a huge contribution to American history and to the economy back in the 1700's; back in an era where "women were to be seen and not heard."

Did you ever hear of Eliza Lucas Pickeny before this post?

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