DIY Dollar Store Easter Egg Wreath

How I made my super cheap Easter Egg Wreath made from Dollar Tree eggs.

All I needed was:
-Spanish Moss
-Any cheap plain wreath
-3 packages of eggs from the Dollar Tree
-Green glitter spray paint
-Hot glue gun

Since I only had plain Spanish moss, I used just a dab of glue to place my eggs exactly where I wanted them. But first, I took the wooden sticks from out of the bottom of the eggs.

Next, I started gluing the Spanish moss around the eggs.

Once I was finished gluing the moss around the eggs, I took the eggs off so I could spray paint the moss green without getting paint on the eggs.

Next, I sprayed the wreath with Krylon Glitter Blast.

 I then started gluing the eggs into their holes. While gluing them, I noticed the white patches on the bottom of the eggs. It was from taking the sticks out.

I then decided to dethatch the bows from the sticks and hot glued them onto the bottom of the eggs to cover up the white patches.

Here is the finished product! Not too bad for a Dollar store craft!


  1. This is a great idea! I saw those eggs, too and wanted to make something so bad with them, but didn't know what. I'll have to try this if I can find time before Easter!

    1. Thanks Darlin! If you make one too, I'd love to see it! :)