Pinterest Fail: Listerine Foot Soak

There are so many things that I try on Pinterest  and they are a total fail! So, I have decided to start a series called "Pinterest Fail." Here is the first of my series:
It was one part Listerine, one part vinegar and one part water.
It said you could soak it anywhere from 15-30 min.
(We did see where you are NOT suppose to use blue Listerine because it would turn your foot blue.  It was all we had so we expected it.) The pin claimed: "Soft soles, lessens dead skin."

This is the Before pic. Dry cracked heel.

Adding the one part Listerine.
Adding the one part Vinegar and one part water.

Soaking the heel.

Did not see any difference.

Maybe a little better than before, but definitely still dry and NOT soft. 
Pinterest FAIL!
Have you tried this?
Did it work for you?


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