Why I will never go back to Sally's

Let me preface this post by saying I used to love going to Sally's. I went there all the time. I used to color my hair all the time too. (Since I was sixteen years old, to be exact.) The past few years I have stared going to the salon when I had the extra money. But recently, the hair coloring service hasn't been the greatest and I realized I did just about the same job as the beauticians, if not better. So, I decided to start doing my own hair again. 

I went to Sally's, just like I used to always do, and looked for a highlighter. Instead of going to my "old faithful" highlighting kit, I picked up this One n only Argon oil duo. I thought long and hard about it.  I literally stood there in the aisle looking at the pamphlet and reading about it for a good 15-20 minutes. Never once did anyone come and help me. I had lots of questions about it since I've never tried it before. So I decided to just ask someone about it at checkout. She talked to me about it and made sure I had the correct developer. I did. Then I went home to start doing it.

 I just want to point out the reason why I chose this product is because I used to use the One n only argon oil in my hair every day. I have tried many other oils for my hair, but I always go back to One n only because it's my favorite. So I just assumed I would love the high lift. Let's just say my hair did NOT take to the color at all! I don't have dark hair, my natural hair color is dirty blonde. I used to 40 developer, left it on for the MAXIMUM amount of time and it did not get as blonde as it was suppose to get. Instead, it turned out looking brassy, like that skanky peroxide blonde look. I freaked out and used my purple shampoo that takes the brassiness out of your hair. That did the trick. It absolutely did NOT turn out the way it was suppose to. I was very disappointed in the product. So I called Sally's and asked about their return policy. 

Now, Walmart, Drugstores, Ulta and Sephora will gladly let you return a product if you have tried it and didn't like it. I didn't use the whole product, I only used half. The manager at Sally's basically gave me the run around and made me feel like I didn't know what I was doing. She kept bringing up things I probably did wrong. I told her I followed the directions exactly and even verified it with the cashier. She made me feel like it was my fault and I did something wrong, and I even bought the wrong stuff. I told her obviously this conversation is going no where and I hung up. I'm sad to break up with Sally's, but I can't buy products from a place that doesn't back up their products. Never again. I used to buy  the Frost N Tip kit from Walmart when I was younger... Looks like I'll be doing that next time. Lesson learned.


  1. If you didn't use all of the product you are able to return it. Try a different sallys.

  2. That's so horrible! I don't blame you for not wanting to shop there anymore. They should definitely let you return it.

    1. Thank you! I got a lot of hate on here and on my instagram for this. :( Some people were too hateful I had to delete their comments.