One of my Summer Must-Haves!

My cousin Misty introduced me to this product last year.  It's a bikini hair remover. I was so thankful! It's kinda like a high quality Nair.  Nair never seemed to work for me...ever! This stuff works really well. It says to leave on for 5 min, a max of 10. I noticed that 5 didn't completely get it all, so I go for the max of 10. It worked like a charm! I also love the packaging! When you take the cap off, you have to turn the tip around until it clicks to unlock.  The tip is rubber and you rub it on your area so you don't have to actually touch the hair remover.  Then, once you are done, you simply twist the tip again to lock in place. It is a tad costly, at Sephora, but I feel like it's worth it! 

Have you tried it? 
What did you think?

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