My First FabFitFun Box Unveiling

Have you ever heard of FabFitFun? It's a box that has health, beauty and fitness products in them. They are delivered 4 times a year. I ordered the Summer box a while back and just recently picked it up. The box has a $200 value for $49.99 plus free shipping. (I luckily had a coupon code so I didn't pay full price.) However, the website is offering 10% off at the moment!

When I first opened it up, I found a card on top of the wrapped paper. When I opened the card up, It lists every product in the box, a description of each product, plus the price of each item.

Breaking of the paper!!!!
It didn't look like a whole lot at first, but every time I would pull something out, I kept finding more in the box!

1. Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Spray Moisturizer- (retail: $7.99) I actually use this a lot!!! I love it. It is so convenient to spray all over quickly.  One common misconception is that you just spray it on and go.   I mean, I guess you technically could, but it just feels too weird.  I always rub it in once I spray it all over. Regardless, I find it takes less time than regular body lotion! Plus, It's perfect for summer!

2. Scratch Nail Wraps- (retail: $12) I've never used them, nor heard of them.  I do like nail wraps, so I am excited to try them out! They supposedly last as long as polish. I'm excited to see! 

3. Tarte LipSurge LipGloss- (retail: $19) I love Tarte Lipglosses! I haven't tried this shade yet, but I can't wait to try it and feature it on an upcoming Lip Color of the Week post! They are non-sticky, and infused with vitamin E, jojoba oil and flower extract.

4. The Everyday Wireless Speaker-  (retail: $29.99) I could have really used this about a month ago while I was at the beach! This awesome little wireless speaker pairs up to 30 feet! It's also hands free speaker phone and Aux-in & FM radio!!!

5. Inkling Scents Sultry Roll-On Oil Perfume- (retail: $25) Oh my goodness, Y'all, this smells amazing!!!! I LOVE it! It is alcohol-free.  It smells like: creamy sandalwood,  white amber, lotus flower, orchid, Bulgarian rose and vanilla. It also comes with a 15% off coupon code if I want to purchase another one of their 20+ scents!

6. Gorge "I'll Make You Look Amazing" Daily Spray-  (retail: $24.95) At first, I thought this was an Argon type oil spray. It's actually a leave in conditioner! I can't wait to try this!

7. CosmoBody Jump Rope-  (retail: $14) I haven't used a jump rope in years!!! I used to love jumping rope.  Especially with my cousins.  Ames and Annie were the ones to teach me how to double dutch jump rope.  According to the FFF card, you can burn around 150 calories in a 10 minute session!!! Also, they have a workout video for you to view! Can't wait to do this later today! 

8. Hello Konjac Cleansing Sponge- (retail: $12) I actually saw this sponge on a vlogger video! It's used by Korean women to gently exfoliate and cleanse pores. It's suppose to be pillow soft.  The video I saw said to make sure you thoroughly rinse the sponge after you use it. Just hang dry.

9. Headspace 3-Month Subscription- (retail: $38.85) This app is guided meditations. Apparently, tons of Celebrities use this! It helps change your mindset and make your day.

10. Wren 14k Gold & Black Sapphire Necklace- ($100) I got the dainty gold horseshoe necklace with the black sapphire. It is super cute!

Have you ever tried FabFitFun?
What did you think?


  1. Hmmm...Im still not sold yet. I like the necklace that is super cute! Keep reviewing them, I may change my mind ;)
    xoxo love you JJ!!

  2. Love this review! I haven't heard of the FabFitFun box! Looks like you got some nice stuff!

    1. Thanks! I really like it. I am definitely going to order another one!