August Favorites

1. How 'Bout Them Apples Cheek & Lip Color
I bought this a while back on TopHatter. I got a great deal on it! So far, I love using the coral colors on my cheeks.

2. Psssst!  Instant Dry Shampoo
I purchased this from Ulta. I think this works great for a cheap dry shampoo.  

3. Octavio Sea salt spray
Whoa! This was awesome!!! I actually have used other beachy like sprays and they didn't work very well in my hair. I have naturally poker straight hair.  I was shocked at how great it made my hair look, and it lasted all day plus the next!!! VERY pleased with this product!!!!

4. Estee Lauder  Double Wear foundation
This is an oldie, but a goodie.  This is the best foundation I have found for super oily skin.  I usually only break it out for special occasions, but I have found myself using it a lot more than usual. I just love how it keeps my face matte and lasts all day long.

5. Sephora Blush and Bronzer
I purchased this while it was on sale a while back and I'm just now starting to use it.  I love the bronzer because it is perfect for my pale skin tone!

6. Crest 3D Gentle White Strips
This has a pro and a con. 
Pro: It is actually gentle as it claims.  Usually, when I use Crest White strips, my teeth hurt afterwards for a almost a day. They work really well, but they hurt! You also only wear them for 5 minutes!!! These strips are awesome because I have no pain at all! Yay!!! 
Con: I don't feel like they whiten as well as the other Crest strips.  They whiten, just not as well as the other ones do.  Overall, I am pleased!

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