My Top 5 of the Week!

1. I FINALLY got my first PSL of the season!!!! ...And it was FANTASTIC! 

2. I have been knocking things off my Fall Bucket List left and right! After the second foot injury of the year happened two weeks ago, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do that 5k I wanted to check off my fall bucket list. Well, I couldn't do a 5k, but I was able to do the Alzheimer's walk! Nothing better than raising money for such a good cause! I had 3 very special ladies that were near and dear to my heart that I walked in memory of.

3. This week I have been focusing on Proverbs. I think Proverbs has to be one of my favorite books.  Its definitely one of the best books for guidance! I need lots of that!!!

4. One of my best friends had her beautiful baby this week.  I already love this precious little girl. I can't wait to spoil her!

5. The first bon fire of the season! It was such a beautiful peaceful night.