My Top 5 Netflix Favorites

#1. Between
I have to admit, this is my favorite at the moment. I just finished the series and now I am super bummed. Netflix synopsis: After a mysterious disease kills every resident over 22 years old, survivors of a town must fend for themselves when the government quarantines them. 

Let me just tell you, it's worse than The Walking Dead when it comes to killing off characters.  It's so good I couldn't get enough! 

# 2. Being Human
If you watch this, you must watch the BBC version.  It's way better than the American one.  I started watching this series when it first started viewing in the states.  I loved it! Then, I couldn't find it again. When I found it on Netflix, I was so happy! Netflix synopsis: Trying to fit into modern society is a vexing-- and often impossible-- challenge for a genius werewolf, a flighty ghost and an urbane vampire who share a household in this engaging supernatural drama.

# 3. Scrotal Recall
I found this hilarious British comedy and instantly loved it.  The last episode of the series was a little sad, but worth watching.  You can't help but to not like poor Dylan and his crap luck with love. Netflix synopsis: In his quest for true love, Dylan found chlamydia. Joined by friends Evie and Luke, he relives past encounters as he notifies all his former partners.

# 4. Orange is the New Black
Okay, first of all, this series is NOT like the book.  I started watching the series because I read the book.  I am very disappointed how it doesn't follow the book, however, the series overall is pretty good! Netflix synopsis: A privileged New Yorker ends up in a women's prison when a past crime catches up with her.

# 5. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp
Have you ever seen the movie? It is a hilarious cult classic about the last day of camp. So many major movie stars! If you love Saturday Night Live, you will probably like the movie. The series however, is about the first day of camp. Netflix synopsis: It's the first day of camp in this outrageous prequel to the hilarious 2001 cult classic movie. And at Camp Firewood, anything can happen.


  1. Check out Bloodline on Netflix- I LOVED IT!

    1. I've seen it in the titles, but never read what it's about. I'll definitely have to check it out! Thanks Misty!!! xoxo