Book Review: Divine Evil

Divine Evil by Nora Roberts

GoodReads Synopsis:

A decade ago, sculptor Clare Kimball fled Emmitsboro, Maryland, to take the art world by storm. Now she’s celebrated as the artist of her generation. But no amount of success can eclipse the nightmares that haunt her—or the memories of her father’s suicide. Just as her star is shining brighter than ever, Clare leaves it all behind to face her demons.
Emmitsboro sheriff Cameron Rafferty loved Clare from afar all through high school. Now that she’s back, they form a bond that grows stronger each day—fueled by an attraction that’s been simmering for years. But Clare’s past soon rises up with a vengeance, rocking the town with a sinister murder that is clearly linked to her return. As an investigation gets under way, Clare and Cameron will learn that evil can linger anywhere—even in those you love and trust the most. But it’s a discovery that may come too late to save them.…

My Thoughts:

This is definitely one of Nora Roberts more sinister novels. I didn't know she had a twisted side to her! The book takes place in Emmitsboro, MD. (Is it just me, or does it seem like a lot of her novels revolve around Maryland?)
The main character, Clare, is just like any typical Nora book: Young, strong, independent and determined. (Sound familiar?) She moves back to her hometown and has nightmares. Little does she know, these "nightmares" are really old memories. As usual, in every Nora book, a man comes swooping in to save the day! That would be Sheriff Cameron Rafferty.
In this book, she wrote about this creepy town and townsmen that were secretly full of satanic rituals and worshiping.   It ended pretty much the same as any other novel she writes.
 Have you read this one? What did you think? I'd love to hear about it!

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