Top 5 Of The Week

1. Christmas. As you have read before in Our Christmas Miracle post, we were beyond excited to spend this Christmas with my sister. So blessed God has given her a new life! We spent the majority of the day in the hospital, but hey, we were all together!!! That was all that mattered!!! She has had a few really good days this week. We are so thankful for that! Nothing I love more than seeing that beautiful smile on her face!

2. I am soooo in love with these leggings my bestie got me for Christmas!!!! Super comfy too!

3. Ugh! I saw it. It made the boyfriend very happy so that's all that mattered!

4. I now have Sirius.  I am loving it! I listen to 128-Joel Osteen, 117-HLN on weekends and evenings to listen to Forensic Files, (I know, I am a huge nerd!) And occasionally 184 for current hits and sometimes christian praise music. 

5. We went on a road trip today, and since we missed church today, we listened to Joel Osteen. I just love him! He is so full of inspiration!!! He inspired me and gave me a little hope on a situation that I am at a crossroads at this point in my life. 

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