Top 5 of The Week

1. Favorite bible verse of the week- I have the YouVersion Bible app on my phone. I love this app. I can read the bible anywhere I go, plus it gives me the option to highlight the passages I like. It also gives me the option to take the bible verse of the day, and make a beautiful picture out of it. This was especially fitting for me this week, an extra reminder to always be nice, even to people who have hurt me.

2. Yogi Tea- I love Yogi teas! I have 3 different kinds in my cupboard. What I love most about this brand is the inspirational quotes on the tabs.

3. Zulily- Have you seen that post on facebook that has been circulating about one woman's customer service on Zulily? She said she had an issue with an article of clothing on Zulily and wanted to send it back and they told her they would fix the problem, but not send back the clothing, just give it to her favorite charity. Well, I ordered this jacket on Zulily. When it finally arrived, they sent two.  I checked my billing statement to make sure I didn't accidentally buy two. I didn't, so I called customer service. I explained to them what happened and was going to ask about how to return it when the lady from customer service told me that it was totally their fault and to just go ahead and give it to my favorite charity or someone in need.  This just made me love Zulily even more! 

4. Adult Coloring Book- I jumped on the adult coloring bandwagon! I love it and I am not ashamed!!! Perfect for the snow day I just had!

5. We got snow! About 23 inches to be exact! I am over the snow. Yes, it is pretty, but I hate being snowed in!

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